Meet Dr. Judith


Dr. Judith Heckenlaible-Habig LISAC-S, LAC, CCTP

  Welcome!  Should you have any questions, please give me a call.  I personally care for my clients.   I specialize in  persons who suffer from past trauma that has carried over into today: relationships, addictions and substance abuse.  I integrate solution based therapy, CBT therapy with Christian faith.  I am licensed in EMDR and Trauma Response.  I am Psychology Today Verified and Focus on the Family recommended counselor, 

  A highly trained professional, Dr. Judith is an active member of a local church as well as having served on staff and consultant for many years. In fact, her desire to serve better was the motivating factor in the academic accomplishments found in her credentials. She first founded Judith’s House for women going through transitional times in their lives.  Inspired though she was approaching retirement, she entered Grand Canyon University to earn Master degree in Substance Abuse Counseling and then Professional Counseling which is a more inclusive degree. Dr.Judith received her internship at the renowned The Meadows Recovery Center where she continues to contract as a "Meadow Trained" specialist at the Scottsdale Outpatient Center.     

 A native of Minnesota, Judith came to Phoenix in search of purpose. As a "recovering" person herself and broken from an abusive marriage she needed to start over. Now, for Dr. Judith and her husband of 18 years, Arizona is their home. They love to travel and be of service when they do. You might find them at a refugee camp in Africa, conducting a seminar, speaking at some event, or greeting you at the door. To Dr. Judith it is all the same, helping people live the life they have always wanted. 

 “To give freedom to those that are bruised.” (Luke 4.11) .


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