About Fees and Payments


Your Appointment

All new clients are initially assessed to ensure compatibility and competency.  The  Intake Assessment will take up to 90 minutes. Intake Assessment fee is $150 and can take up to 90 minutes.  

Thereafter, the 55 minute session fee is $95 for individuals and $125 for couples counseling.  All sessions are with by Dr. Judith.  We do not use alternative or in-training level counselors. 

Payment for fees are credit and debit card, check or cash.  This office does not take health insurance.  We are often asked why. The answer is that insurance providers require a diagnosis which becomes part of your permanent medical records.  Our clients prefer to keep our services private and confidential. That said, most insurance carriers will reimburse you for the charges.  We are glad to furnish you with a medical invoice which you can submit.  Please check with you insurance carrier in advance to verify your eligibility for this option.   Dr. Judith will work with those who may find these fees more than their budget will allow.  In those cases please call our office.

*Always give us a call.  Some deductibles are close to Dr. Judith's affordable rates.  We are glad to work out a plan for you to receive help from an acknowledged professional.  


Online Payments

For your.convenience and confidence we take payment via PayPal. Just press the Payment button and enter the amount you wish to send us.   .

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card